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Keeping a boiler in tip-top condition requires an annual inspection from a Gemini heating and plumbing engineer. 
All of Gemini's engineers are listed on the Gas Safe Register, the only official list of gas engineers who are qualified to work on gas installations and appliances. To get your boiler serviced please complete the form. 

What does a gas boiler service involve? 

The exact procedure of a gas boiler service will vary according to the type of boiler you have: it is useful if you have the manufacturers’ instruction book to hand. But generally the gas boiler will be started or 'fired' to identify faults, the casing removed to assess components and the flue (your boiler’s exhaust pipe) inspected to make sure it is unobstructed. 
The gas valve will be adjusted to ensure the burner is combusting as it should and the inside casings cleaned along with the boiler parts if necessary. Finally, the Gemini engineer will check for leaks and reseal the casing. 

Benefits of an annual gas boiler service for homeowners 

Gas boiler servicing for landlords and agents 

A neglected boiler can be a source of leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning – which kills one person in the UK every week and leaves four more seriously ill. 
Regular servicing not only protects the life of your boiler and keeps it running efficiently, it also protects your family’s safety. 
The benefits of an annual boiler service include: 
lower emissions 
prolonging the boiler’s life 
optimising fuel efficiency 
making the boiler safer minimising the risk of breakdowns and emergency call-outs – so saving you money 
If the property you let, or manage for a landlord, has a gas boiler you should have it serviced every 12 months. Under gas safety regulations, you are responsible for the safety of your tenants. 
Click here for more information about the gas safety inspection with boiler service. 

Typical boiler problems 

When a Gemini boiler service is carried out it might show a build-up of dust or debris on the appliance and internal components or signs of sooting. 
The thermocouple, a wire which shuts off the gas supply if your pilot light goes out, and fans on central heating boilers may weaken over time and could need replacing during a service visit. To get your Gas boiler serviced please complete the form. 

Boiler Service Form 

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